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  1. What is HOP?

    HOP is rendezvous point between the passenger and the vehicle. After ordering a ride, the app shows you the route to the HOP.

  2. How long do I have to wait for my ride?

    The vehicle will show up at the HOP only few minutes after you order a ride.
    The waiting time depends on the traffic situation. At rush hours, we recommend booking a transport a little earlier than at other times of the day. Since the bus arrives at the rendezvous point fairly quickly, we recommend ordering when you leave the building.

  3. Why does the vehicle not come directly for me, but I have to walk to the rendezvous point instead?

    AutoHOP doesn’t work like taxi services. The app’s algorithm maps out fastest possible route for everyone on board. The HOP will therefore be located in a way that minimises the length of the journey as much as possible. For a passenger, walking 100 or 200 metres is generally not a problem, and for AutoHOP shared rides to work effectively, this is of key importance.

  4. Where and when can AutoHOP be used?

    AutoHOP currently runs Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m in the designated area. Service is unavailable on Saturday and Sunday.

  5. Can a ride be booked for a specific time?

    The service operates in real time – ad hoc basis. The ride is therefore booked when the need arises and is provided within a few minutes of the booking.

  6. How can i tell it’s the AutoHOP car?

    All of AutoHOP’s vehicles are black and orange Mercedes Vito. When you order a ride, the app gives you the specific side number of your bus.

  7. How and how much do I have to pay for it?

    A prepayment is required before ordering a ride. The minimum amount of funds that can be added to your account is PLN 5. Each time you use AutoHOP, the fee will automatically be taken from your prepayment. It only costs PLN 4 per ride in any area served. The payment security is guaranteed by Przelewy24 platform.

  8. Can I cancel a journey or change my destination after I have booked a journey?

    You can see the time parameters of the journey before you choose it, so your decision
    to order is binding. At the moment of ordering, the algorithm changes the route assignedto you,
    so cancellation will incur a charge of half the fare. Aftercancelling you can still order a new ride in Gliwice.

  9. Can I change my destination while already on board the vehicle?

    Each user is assigned to a bus travelling with other passengers in a similar direction, so changing the destination at this stage is not an option. You can only cancel your trip, you will then be charged a full amount and the driver will let you off at the nearest possible stop.
    Once you have left the bus, you can order a new ride.

  10. What happens if I arrive at the rendezvous point later than the application tells me to?

    That depends on the situation. In line with AutoHOP’s policy not to waste the time of fellow passengers, the vehicle does not wait for a passenger. The only acceptable situation where it can wait is if it arrives earlier than the application indicates. In any other case, if the bus does not find the passenger at the rendezvous point, it will leave and 3/4 of the fare will be charged on the app. We are sorry, but this is the only way we can provide passengers with an efficient and fast transport at a price this good.

  11. Can I book a ride for one or more accompanying persons?

    You can. Depending on availability, you can take up to 5 additional people travelling to the same destination. For each additional person your account will be charged 戮 of the fare, i.e. PLN 3

  12. Can I travel with my child?

    Yes, our vehicles have a child seat for children weighing 9-36 kg and a seat for a child weighing 22-36 kg.

  13. Can children use AutoHOP on their own?

    This service is available for persons over 15.

  14. Can I eat in the car?

    In order to keep our vehicles clean and to ensure the comfort of other passengers, we ask that you do not eat in the vehicle.

  15. When you order a ride, the app indicates that it will take a surprisingly long time to get there. Will it actually take that long?

    The app always gives the latest time of arrival, taking into account the maximum (within the limits of the algorithm’s assumptions) travel delay. In most cases, you’ll get there much earlier.

  16. The vehicle often arrives a little later than the app indicates. Why is that?

    In order not to waste the time of fellow passengers waiting at the rendezvous point for the next
    passenger, the app always estimates the earliest possible departure time
    (“Be there by” parameter). The time is constantly updated in the app when you arrive at
    the rendezvous place (“Departure by”). Typically the bus arrives at the initially indicated
    time, but sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control (e.g. traffic jams), it can be slightly
    delayed. It’s best to keep track of your vehicle’s current location on a map as well as information about
    its arrival time. In the event of severe delays, because of which the
    the maximum arrival time will be exceeded, please submit a written complaint to

  17. Who drives AutoHOP vehicles?

    All of our fully insured vehicles are driven by full-time drivers who have passed the required background checks and professional training.

  18. Can I bring a suitcase with me?

    Our vehicles are shared spaces, so please limit personal items to a single piece of luggage or a reasonably sized bag.

  19. Can I take my pet?

    We do love pets, but since it might uncomfortable for other passengers (allergies, fear of dogs, etc.), please do not bring them when you travel with AutoHOP. Thank you for your understanding.

  20. Do I have to wear my seatbelt at AutoHOP?

    Absolutely. This is justified not only for safety reasons, but also for traffic law (Art. 39).

  21. Why can’t I find an available ride?

    Make sure you’re in the service area. If so, please get closer to the area and try again.

  22. Why can’t I find a ride even though I am standing in the AutoHOP service area?

    There may be locations where the distance to the nearest HOP of the rendezvous point is greater than the value set in the application. Try increasing it to the maximum value by going into the passenger data settings.

  23. What epidemiological precautions are in place for buses? Can I feel safe?

    We comply with all COVID-19 ordinances so that the risk of contagion
    is as low as possible. We clean our cars regularly with ozone. The buses require you to cover your nose and mouth and
    disinfect your hands after getting on the bus; as for getting on and off – the process is
    meant to be non-contact. The safety and comfort of passengers and drivers is top priority for us.

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